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A Premium Quality Afghani & Shinwari Cuisine in The Sultanate of Oman

Welcome to Wakha Oman, a Place where The Shinwari and Afghani Cuisines coincide. Our theme is based on War and Music, a tradition that has been passed on for generations, symbolizing celebration of victory. We guarantee that all of our ingredients are Fresh, Organic and Prepared without the use of Oil. With our food, we ensure an excellent dining experience like never catered before in The Sultanate of Oman.

Qais Al Khabouri

Managing Director

Afghani Food in Oman
Shinwari Food in Oman
Afghani Food in Muscat
Shinwari Food in Muscat

Our Story

Shinwari Cuisine

Wakha is the without a doubt one of a type restaurant where you pick your cut and We put together your meat the way you want it. Shinwari delicacies is renowned for custom designed butchering and cooking. It’s like the old school butcher rooted in traditions that run deep, where a specialist block man cuts and our chef puts together your meat.

The variety of outstanding Shinwari and Afghan food awaits you. At Wakha, we want you to appreciate and sense the warmth of the authentic Shinwari and Afghan cuisines. Our staff will ensure just that and make it their priority to make sure that clients acquire first rate service and are served with food of highest fine in presentation, refinement and flavor.

Eastern people used to mention that “herbs and spices do the work and trick whilst the female of the residence takes all of the credit”. However, right here at Wakha we strongly believe in the artist creating the paintings to provide brilliant results and that’s why our kitchen personnel and chef positioned their stories and abilities together to combine with actual timing, of why and how finely on herbs and spices are used in each recipe to decorate and stability the fulfillment of scrumptious and tantalizing food.

Our goal is to serve you with the healthiest, hottest and the maximum actual Shinwari and Afghan cuisines in town without the usage of any processed spices and oil, we simplest use herbal inexperienced spices, black paper, salt and lamb fats or sparkling butter. At Wakha you may make sure that our signature cuisines are 100% halal, and organized every day in our personal kitchen. We are open till mid-night time 7 days a week.

Afghani Cuisine

Afghanistan is settled the middle of Iran, the Indian subcontinent and the previous Soviet Union. That positioning need also prompted some incredible flavor combinations that aggravate utilization of local parts and the palates from claiming Afghanistan’s neighbors. Persian, Indian, Chinese as well as Mediterranean societies’ impact on afghan food, Onions assume a piece on everything, meat is present without a doubt and mint is used as a garnish on nearly everything.

Those lead dish from claiming afghan food is those Kabuli Pulao, which comprises for delicate meat (usually beef) domed under rice that’s blended for lentils, raisins and julienned carrots. The mantou is a meat-stuffed dumpling beat with yogurt that takes its cues from Chinese What’s more vital Asian cuisines. Kebabs also characteristic prominently.

Afghani restaurant in Oman

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Both these cuisines are guaranteed to tingle taste buds!! Please do contact us for further details.

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